A published webcomic called Bulltardia hides twelve clues that form a key phrase to win a Bitcoin wallet (BTC) containing 0.1 BTC. The first two episodes are included in volume three of the Bitcoin culture fanzine Citadel 21.

There have been several opportunities for those who like crypto puzzles and free BTCs, from the first treasure hunts on the streets of Barcelona to clues hidden in graffiti and even an album full of music.

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Now, especially for those who like comics and graphic novels, comes another opportunity to solve the clues, crack the code and access a wallet containing 0.1 BTC ($940 at the time of publication).

The worlds of Bitcoin Profit and comics intersect
Bulltardia is a webcomic written and drawn by Dim Zayan and it contains the 12 clues of the mentioned phrase to win the wallet.

Currently, the first two episodes, “A prayer to the moon” and “The honey badger doesn’t care”, are available in the latest volume of Citadel 21. Future episodes will be released in the coming months.

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How the story goes so far
As one can tell from the episode titles, Bitcoin’s inspiration is strong.

There is a mysterious collector surrounded by bodyguards, imprisoning those who conspire against the oppressive “Holy Church of Fiat” and who pray to the moon.

Then there’s the petulant honey badger hero called Bit, who doesn’t do favors for free and is quite spoiled. He is sent on a mission by his father, Satoshi, to return a moonstone (with a B for Bitcoin) to the moon and with the hope that the journey will make him mature a little.

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As mentioned, there are only two episodes so far and Cointelegraph will provide a full review once more episodes are available. Zayan promises that the third episode will introduce a fearsome supervillain and make the reason for the comic’s title, Bulltardia, very clear.

In the meantime, the treasure hunters will be able to analyze the first two episodes for words from the opening sentence. Readers have already been given a clue. The first is one of the reasons why “the honey badger doesn’t care”