Kim’s journey began with a bucket of cold water, the currency bought for US$400 dropped to US$22 the following year.

In 2018, Kohn Kim decided to bet everything on Litecoin cryptomeda, he was criticized and called imprudent, admitted that the attitude may have led to the end of his marriage and now has nowhere to live. The digital currency collapsed, along with the whole market for cryptomime right after his daring bet. Kim, however, has no regrets and believes that her story will still have a happy ending. The information is from Decrypt.

According to the report, John Kim, 43, had a network of mobile phone shops and was the second reseller in his region, he met cryptomoks in 2017 and was very excited about Litecoin. The coin, created by Charlie Lee, a former Google graduate from MIT, is one of the world’s most valuable altcoins.

Kim approached Lee and offered to contribute to the project, he said he did not understand the technical side of the blockchain but would find a way not to disappoint the founder of digital currency.

Lee replied, “You did it.

John Kim Litecoin
John Kim Litecoin
Sold house and divorced to focus on cryptomeda
Kim then began her daring journey, sold her house and gave the money to his wife, sold his shops, attached his van with the Litecoin logo and set off on the road to promote the adoption of his favorite cryptomeda.

“They called me the Litecoin evangelist. But I am a simple man with a simple plan. I believe that the best way to teach people cryptomorphs is to let them experience it for themselves,” he told Decrypt.

The decision, however, affected his marriage, which came to an end.

The money given to his wife from the sale of the house was used to open a steakhouse. According to him, she’s fine, but he no longer cares about cryptomorphs because “they were responsible for the end of the marriage,” the man made a choice.

“Many people tried to give me advice, like ‘marriage and family first’, but my wife knew since she met me that I’m either totally in or totally out”.

Litecoin fell from $400 to $22 after day
Kim’s journey began with a bucket of cold water, the currency bought for US$400 dropped to US$22 the following year. Kim was broke and went through terrible times, he said.

The digital currency community helped him, made donations and paid for hotel accommodations or offered him his own home for a few days.

While he was considered and motivated by the cryptomaniac market, outside he was ridiculed and called a “fool.

But he had a friend that hardly anyone else had, Charlie Lee. He appeared as Lee’s security guard at an event in 2018 and traveled to over 30 cities with the coin’s founder.

He decided to go to Asia to promote the currency, and without asking anything, he received first class donations and passage paid by market companies.

“I’ll prove everyone wrong”
Recently the entire market for cryptomorphs has appreciated, and several altcoins have been boosted by Bitcoin’s record high, exceeding US$28,000.

Litecoin rose almost 200% in the year and became the fifth currency with the highest market capitalization. Altcoin is now traded for US$125, which is still far from the price Kim bought (US$400), but he believes the currency will hit the price next year.

“I think 2021 will really be the year that I prove everyone wrong and I will be humble about it, but I will make sure that my children are looked after for the rest of their lives,” he said. “I made my promise to the local community, and to Litecoin investors, that I will not stop until we get back to the high point and then I can just disappear.

Kim has not given up on her dream and is taking advantage of the market boom. He has released a humorous video featuring Charlie Lee and other Litecoin enthusiasts. No one knows if the digital currency will come back to $400 next year, but Kim continues his journey.